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Action Diplomacy helps the EU in Transforming the Egyptian Museum of Cairo

As part of Action Diplomacy’s project, “EU Cultural Programme in Egypt”, we organised a press conference with the EU and several Egyptian ministries to highlight a unique collaboration to transform the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo on 16 June 2019.

Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Dr Khaled El-Enany, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Dr Sahar Nasr, and the EU Ambassador to Egypt, Ivan Surkoš, presented the EU-funded project “Transforming the Egyptian Museum of Cairo”.

The project is backed by a 3.1 million Euros grant from the European Union aiming at the creation of a strategic vision for the museum. Ambassador Surkoš underlined the importance of the project, which symbolises the excellent cooperation and coordination between the EU and Egypt in the common endeavour to protect and promote our common cultural heritage. At the press conference, he stated, “The European excellence in terms of knowledge and capacity will help in bringing up the EMC to the highest standards of museology in the world”.

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Action Diplomacy, in a partnership with Ernst & Young (EY), is leading the communications activities..

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