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Action helps raise public awareness about the EU in Serbia

Action Diplomacy, in a partnership with EPTISA Southeast Europe, recently won the “EU IN SERBIA COMMUNICATION NETWORK (EUINFONET)” project to increase public awareness and create a better understanding of the European Union and its activities in the country.

The overall objective of the two-year project is to provide technical assistance to the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia for its information, communication and media activities, while also aiming to increase the level of public support for the EU, its values, functioning, institutions, policies, programmes and assistance to Serbia and their impact on Serbian citizens and businesses, as well as of Serbia’s accession process.

The South-eastern European state was granted the status of “candidate country” in March 2012, its citizens have enjoyed visa free travel to the EU since December 2009 and it received more than €3 billion grants over the past 15 years.

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